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Social Merchandising: An Evolved Approach to Engaging the Social Customer

August 1st by jkarnell

Until recently, Social Merchandising has been primarily defined by displaying ratings, likes, comments and (in some cases) purchases from either your social network or a broader community. However, recent application of Social Design principals to intimately match customer interests with offers and products is taking Merchandising to a whole new level. Social Design is a [...]

Circular rEvolution

July 30th by jkarnell

According to Nielsen Research, retailers spend 60-70 percent of their marketing budget on printed ad circulars. However, with 82% of Americans online, 93% owning mobile phones and 155 million using Facebook is there an opportunity to evolve the circular? Nielsen’s Todd Hale, SVP Consumer & Shopper Insights, shared new research at the U.S. Consumer 360 [...]